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Are Learners With Besd Supported In Secondary School Education Essay

There are a figure of footings to delineate researchers with conduct inconveniences. In prior mature ages they were classified as being maladjusted characterized by The Underwood Committee Report on Maladjusted Children in 1995 as â€Å" a people connection at an impossible to miss clasp to individuals and fortunes which make up his condition † . This was in this manner prevailing by Emotional Behavioral Difficulties ( EBD ) as alluded to in the Particular Educational Needs ; Report of the commission of Enquiry Into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People ( The Warnock Report ) ; HMSO ( 1978 ) . The Elton Report ( 1989 ) expressed a child had EBD when they demonstrated â€Å" awful and steady conduct employments as a result of passionate or neurological annoyance with the end goal that their requests can non be met in a standard school † , Elton Report ( 1989 p.42 refered to in Wood, 1995, p14 ) . Inside this announcement I as of now notice the notice of interest for EBD understudies ‘ to be taught outside of â€Å" customary schools † , propelling the interest for prohibition or resettlement to bounce provider of guidance. This definition does non see the unpredictability of impacts that add to the conduct itself. SEN codification of example This was accordingly supplanted by conduct, passionate and A ; cultural difficulties ( BESD ) recognized in the SEN codification of example as: â€Å" Children and juvenile individuals who exhibit attributes of conduct and enthusiastic difficulties who are pulled back or disconnected, crazy and troubling, overactive and need fixation ; those with youthful cultural achievements ; and those demonstrating goal-oriented practices beginning from other complex specific requests. † ( DfES,2001a: 7:60 refered to in Capel, Leask and A ; Turner, 2009 ) . Some of the time the way that the understudy has a SEN and the praised crazy conduct is the result is every now and again ignored. The power per unit regions of the guidance framework because of the inflexibility of the course of study, requests on raising achievement, low staffing proportions and clasp restrictions, teachers decipher hard conduct as unconventionally harrowing because of the entirety of clasp spent on social issues rather than learning and larning as bolstered by Bennett ( 2006 ) . It is this refutation that has raised worry for this curious gathering and their consideration in the central model of the guidance framework. The Department for Children Schools and A ; Families ( DCSF ) , Statistical First Release ( SFR ) ( 2009 ) detailed an ascent of 7 % in enduring rejections from 2001/02 to 2003/04 with enduring prohibitions making 8430, which so fell back to 7000 of every 2007/08 inside region financed optional schools. The investigation other than recognized that ; â€Å" Students with SEN ( both with and without articulations ) are more than multiple times bound to be for acceptable prohibited than those understudies with no SEN. In 2007/08, 33 in each 10,000 understudies with proclamations of SEN and 38 in each 10,000 understudies with SEN without articulations were for acceptable avoided from school. This contrasts and 4 in each 10,000 understudies with no SEN. The figures show a touch of reducing in the pace of fixed period prohibitions in auxiliary schools for those understudies with SEN contrasted and the old twelvemonth. In 2007/08, the pace of fixed period rejection for those understudies with explanations was 30.8 percent ; the rate for those with SEN without articulations was 28.9 percent. This looks at to 5.1 percent for those understudies with no SEN. † ( DCSF SFR, 2009 ) . I found the most significant aspect of this examination is the heft of rejections both enduring and fixed period, where as an outcome of tireless crazy conduct. This added to a solid 31 % to every single enduring rejection during 2007/08 in region supported auxiliary schools in the UK ( DCSF SFR, 2009 ) as regularly connected with BESD researchers. This was double that of the accompanying significant supporter being physical ambush on another understudy. Having taken a gander at these figures clearly the consideration of BESD understudies ‘ is still extremely much a high priority nation, sing the sheer volume of rejections they speak to. As an after measure I have to investigate what practices and strategies are being placed in topographic point to help chop down this figure.It is obvious that BESD plainly stands apart from other SEN handles. Numerous inside the guidance framework despite everything stay not well characterized on the most proficient method to pull off researche rs whose SEN all the time appears to require retaliatory activity, possibly including rejection. It is strange to see a school arrangement that suggested a punitory reaction for a researcher who showed inconvenience in perusing as an outcome of a realized procurement inconvenience. On the off chance that this were so all researchers perceived as holding a SEN with subjective harm like dyslexia, would be at continuous danger of rejection simply due to their SEN. Practically they would hold their requests met by an individualized program, including additional assets, larning support, additional clasp stipends, ICT handiness and considerably more. ( Null, 2008 ) .If an understudy is recognized as holding BESD falls quarry to the prohibition discipline, is this a thought on the schools powerlessness to pull off and back up that understudy fail to run into the interest of the National Curriculum ‘s Inclusion Policy. Is it still adequate to express that now and again prohibition mig ht be the solitary alternative non in the feeling of â€Å" gaining free † as its negative intension suggests, yet to place the researcher in a domain that will be better prepared to vouch their privilege to a guidance. Already I felt that rejection was an organization of venturing out on researchers to a progressively fit obtaining condition where they will hold better help. Having encountered the opposite side of prohibition, I question this move. There is turning worry over the capacity of substitute commissariats to run into the requests of the researchers in notice to the frequence of Sessionss accessible and the idea of the instructive possibilities on offer ( Gray and Panter, 2000 ) . Should more be done to hinder rejection, schools mirror the development and guidelines of the general public we live in and in the event that we can non learn BESD students how to get by inside the bounds of a school, how are they to pull off in the public eye where there is tiny help. Prohibition denies researchers of cultural connection and a high level of guidance, expanding the chances of them going alienated, taking segment in against cultural conduct and slice bringing down their part to the state ‘s cultural and financial prosperity ( Gray and Panter, 2000 ) . During a perception at School An, I recognized that as part of the schools ‘ Plan for Success 2010-13 they needed to raise achievement of the most disastrous gatherings of understudies. I plan to investigate the present inclinations of consideration of BESD understudies ‘ and place what examples are acceptable in propelling their incorporation in standard optional schools and their effectivity in propelling a positive securing condition, raising fulfillment and making great adjusted researchers who can achieve cultural and financial prosperity, in similarity with the Every Child Matters Aims.In request to comprehend what is being done to incorporate researchers I should chief determine it.Inclusion is the expansion of commitment and abatement of avoidance from, the human advancements educational programs and networks of neighborhood schools. Incorporation is worried about the larning commitment of all students defenseless against exclusionary power per unit zones, non only those with SEN. Incorporation is worried about bettering schools for staff each piece great concerning students.( Center for Studies on Inclusion in Education ( CSIE ) , 2000 ) .The present national model is install with qualities and rules back uping fairness, decent variety and consideration including the privilege of all researchers to dish a rich course of study, give opportunity to have a place and achieve. These rights were set out in the national course of study as a lot of rules currently known as the 'general incorporation proclamation' . The three boss principles for consideration are ;The interest for fit procurement challenges.Reacting to students ‘ differing securing demands.Overcome potential hindrances to larning and appraisal.These three guidelines spotlight, as it were, on what the school and teachers ought to make to make a positive obtaining condition for all researchers. For me the greater part of import issue to see is the thing that additional assets and planning are given to help educators give to single obtaining requests. Having perused a few archives on the adequate course of BESD understudies ‘ and sing a school with an inner help unit, I have distinguished a few effective strategies that were reverberated in a few reports in propelling the consideration of BESD understudies ‘ . Throughout the last hardly any mature ages at that spot has been a consistent reduction in avoidances because of the expansion in help units with specific prepared staff inside standard schools with an end goal to propel consideration. School An offered additional help for understudies ‘ at risk of rejection in a help unit inside the school. From the start I saw the unit gave a domain that the understudies ‘ had a sense of security and ready to focus on their procurement. The staff and understudies appeared to hold great associations with one another. Inside the unit it created the impression that there were away from of the understudies ‘ as occurrences emerged when impacts were executed which the understudies ‘ reacted to. Research in 1999 by Ofsted recognized that understudies with BESD favored working with teachers who implied what they said and followed the festival yet house. Also the exploration distinguished that effective schools accepted that hapless conduct is non the error of the understudy yet their response to the individuals and environing condition as shared by The Underwood Committee Report on Mala

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International Development: Theories of Modernization, Dependency, Globalization

Minhchau Truong ID 125 Prof. Kevin Maclean Midterm Exam Citation Black, Maggie. The No-Nonsense Guide to International Development. (London: New Internationalist Publications Ltd, 2007). Naim, Moises. Illegal: How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy. (New York: Anchor Books, 2005). Reding, Nick. Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town. (New York: Bloomsbury, 2009). Thurow, Roger and Scott Kilman. Enough: Why the World’s Poorest Starve during a time of Plenty. New York: Perseus Books, 2009). 1. ) Modernization Theory was utilized to legitimize the procedure of decolonization and mediation by the United States, which had the ulterior thought process of accessing new markets and in this manner boosting the national economy. The U. S. isolated this hypothesis from Cold War belief systems with the distinctive component that it stressed GNP and specialized measures. The hypothesis is ethnocentric and is placed in the conviction that t here is an incessant battle against shortage and that immature countries must conquer this characteristic state. The job and capacity of the created state was surrounded by the teleological convention that started with preconditions to â€Å"take-off†, which was acknowledgment that financial advancement was important to move from â€Å"tradition† to â€Å"modernity† to the last â€Å"take-off†, to the â€Å"drive to maturity† (which was relied upon to be finished in 1-2 ages), to the â€Å"age of high-mass consumption† (like the recorded examples of the U. S. ). The qualities of Modernization hypothesis incorporated its composed private enterprise, coordination into the world economy, and viewpoint of financial development. These progressions were to be accomplished through foundations and a move from prior provincial order and combination into the United Nations family (a by right balance). Be that as it may, the shortcomings overwhelm benefits. The hypothesis naturalizes â€Å"underdevelopment† as something that can be changed effectively, and limits understood authentic, land, sociological conditions or explicit imperatives. Moreover, it dismisses immature nations by trivializing conditions by marking it as the â€Å"global norm†. Financial matters is principal on the motivation, instead of legislative issues, since capital gathering for created states-not real government assistance of the concerned state-is the fundamental goal. The hypothesis dislodges the more right guideline of the privilege to self-definition. The straight development suggested by the hypothesis must be accomplished by mass utilization, rivalry, independence. Basically, modernization hypothesis is an ahistorical account forced by ethnocentric created states that couldn't in any way, shape or form identify with their immature states. Reliance Theory sees the chronicled relations of imbalance, the inconsistent connections created between industrialized nations versus immature. Hypothetically, the issue is clarified as: financial development in cutting edge industrialized nations didn't prompt a development in less fortunate nations. Reliance hypothesis recognizes that modernization hypothesis straightforwardly repudiated neo-traditional financial hypothesis the Pareto ideal, that monetary development was useful to all regardless of whether benefits not similarly shared, this was not apparent in the connection between industrialized countries and unindustrialized countries. The qualities of reliance hypothesis incorporated that is represented genuine history rather than modernization hypothesis, which was a way of thinking of history. It considered states to be a worldwide structure, and considered disparities to be an issue instead of an approach to advance rivalry and balances. There were practical desires, unacknowledged that inconvenience of â€Å"development† was really a demonstration of rejection. What was favored was an increasingly normal, fated procedure of consideration. Financially, reliance precisely decided the results of modernization: poor nations sent out essential wares to rich nations, which the rich nations used to then make items out of them, along these lines enhancing the general item during the production, which they at that point send out back to less fortunate nations. At long last, these more unfortunate nations could never acquire enough from fares to pay for their imports because of the additional worth. Be that as it may, the shortcomings are considerable, and uncover the sensible false notions reliance hypothesis is based upon. It is to a greater extent an investigate than an autonomous hypothesis for development, there is some knowledge yet very little. With reliance hypothesis, there is practically zero accomplishment from its underlying decisions. Its hobby for protectionism and exchange levies was insufficient for creating nations to develop financially. The proposal of Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) was likewise insufficient in light of the fact that the monetary hypothesis required usage of hatching of household newborn child enterprises that multiple occasions were hard to fire up without the assistance neighborhood governments. Different roads, levies, import shares and sponsored government credits were ordinarily impractical because of nonattendance of political will or capacity. The advancement of creation channels were customarily contorted or upset because of outside powers or failure of states to deal with. Here, a colonialist attitude is by and by forced onto lacking countries, Transnational companies (TNCs) positioned in lacking countries force gauges and desires, which are generally articulated in their monopolistic practices and attestation of political and monetary plan onto the concerned nation. Likewise, ordinarily, when a nation specialized in their creation of products, their own inward markets were not enormous enough to help the economies of scale. Individuals either didn’t have enough cash or had an inclination for outside remote merchandise. Basically, relations can't just be fixed, there is a substantially more powerful multifaceted nature. Fringe states can't in any way, shape or form â€Å"just get up†, they didn't request to be put in their particular situations inside the world economy, they were constrained by overwhelm states (created nations like the U. S. †they were named as â€Å"under-developed† when their â€Å"inequalities† were recognized by us, set in opposition to our own gauges unreasonably so. Progressed mechanical economies can’t fill in as models for creating ones, their prosperity was dependent upon exceptionally exploitive frontier associations (with the immature nations they are attempting to help now, whi ch is amusing) these connections can't be made. Ramifications of reliance include: Alternative utilization of assets desirable over current examples of utilization they don’t need our strategies. The act of redirected assets are kept up by predominant states and force elites inside dependant expresses, this fixes nothing, rather, it further convolutes relations between concerned â€Å"underdeveloped† nation and the individuals who are in charge of them. There are covering interests, worth and culture suspicions, presumption that this reliance is deliberate, elites accept key to monetary advancement is to follow liberal financial teaching, this is basically authority. Financial development doesn't approach monetary turn of events, more consideration should be paid o social pointers future, proficiency, newborn child mortality, training, rise of human record. More noteworthy incorporation isn't the appropriate response, equity can't be accomplished World System Theory was first was named as â€Å"Modern World framework. † An incorporation through market as opposed to political focus, the state was a monetary device for capital gathering by specific classes. The wo rld was involved smaller than normal frameworks, which made up world realms, which made up an entrepreneur world economy. This overall point of view with verifiable profundity of hundreds of years was important to understanding the present. Single tripartite division of work idea actuated that nations don't have economies however are a piece of a world economy. The center zones profited by imposing business models, while the semi-peripheries were overwhelmed by the center zones, and the peripheries themselves were creating nations ruled by both center and semi-fringe nations. Work escalated creation occurred in fringe states as a way to previous states’ monetary redemption. Fringe states’ subordinate status is because of various variables including, mechanical conditions and the distinction in quality of states on the worldwide market scale, in this way the differential progression of surplus to center outcomes in inconsistent trade. In any case, the qualities of the hypothesis lies in the supposition that capital collection on a worldwide scale will thusly, advantage creating nations. The shortcoming of the hypothesis is the way it is crippling with respect to center towards solid and feeble states. The hypothesis focuses on the recorded proof of disappointment as opposed to progress, and limits the class structure and monetary development, among other significant components, inside states. The lose-lose financial account is constrained, grounded in ahistorical euro-anti-extremism. The hypothesis captivates outskirts states by holding them down, with the belief system of administering bunches managing them. Definitively, the hypothesis is an industrialist structure that works on the perpetual gathering of capital as opposed to the prosperity of specific outskirts states. The contemporary types of â€Å"globalization† make these three hypotheses of state-drove improvement unimportant and expect us to reexamine a portion of the suspicions whereupon they were based for some reasons. Right off the bat, the expanded however specific progression of money related capita between major metropoles exemplified in Illicit Trade shows the unrecognized capability of â€Å"dependant† states, how they are really ready to flourish in spite of states (of shortage, and so forth ). In Illicit Trade, the instances of nations flourishing with the discount of c

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Need Cash Fast Try These 10 Great Side Hustles

Need Cash Fast Try These 10 Great Side Hustles Need Cash Fast? Try These 10 Great Side Hustles Need Cash Fast? Try These 10 Great Side HustlesWhen you’re in a pinch, earning some extra money is a much better option than a predatory payday loan.The thing about surprise expenses is that they’re impossible to anticipate. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be surprises. One second your car is working fine, the next it’s stalled out on the side of the road. One second your boiler is humming along, the next your basement is filled with smelly, black smoke. Life comes at you fast and it often leaves behind a hefty bill.The best way to handle these kinds of emergency expenses is to have a dedicated emergency fund. But for some folks, those kinds of savings just aren’t a possibility. Taking out a loan is always an optionâ€"but folks whose credit is less-than-great might find themselves at the mercy of predatory payday and title lenders. And while OppLoans offers affordable installment loans that give you a safer, more responsible alternative to payday and title loans, getting a ny loan isn’t the only option available.A great way to deal with emergency expenses is to go out and earn the cash to pay for them. That could mean taking a second job with a maid service or your local fast food joint, but there are also tons of side hustles out there that give you a lot more independence.That’s why we reached out to a bunch of experts for some great ways to earn fast cash. We’ve got recommendations from:Gertrude Nonterah (@GeeNonterah), side hustle expert and the founder of myonlinebizjourney.comKelan and Brittany Kline, who blog about personal finance as The Savvy Couple (@TheSavvyCouple)GreenPal (@YourGreenPal) CEO Bryan ClaytonTED Global Speaker and author of The Homeless Entrepreneur, Becky Blanton (@BeckyBlanton_)Here are 10 of their top recommendations1.     Mystery shopping“If you are great with acting/pretending, this will be a great one for you. You essentially are an independent contractor for market research companies that hire you to go into par ticular stores, pose as a shopper using a specified scenario script so you can gather information for them. Mystery shopping pays anywhere from $10 to $50 per shop depending on the scenario. All youre doing is asking questions and noting the answers so you can report back. You can even make it a part of your weekly shopping trips.” Gertrude Nonterah2. Moving services“Make up some business cards ($20 if you get them done) and leave them with local Storage Facilities if people are looking for movers (they always are). You don’t even need a truck. Most people rent trucks from U-Haul and need drivers and loaders.” Becky Blanton3. Drop shippingKelan Kline (The Savvy Couple) shares this story about the $50K drop shipping (fulfilling retail orders from home) business he started in college…“When I was fourteen years old going into my freshman year my parents told me to get a job. The three words no high school kid wants to hear. Instead of getting a job I decided I would start selling things on eBay to make enough to make my parents happy.“After selling anything I could get my hands-on, including things I should not have, I started looking into drop shipping.   I had tried a few drop shipping companies even a couple that provided a free website to sell from with very little luck.“I kept searching and finally came across, it changed everything! I bought a lifetime membership for $1,000 (which they no longer offer). I now had hundreds of thousands of products at my fingertips that I could increase the price and keep the profit from.“I found that Amazon was the bestselling platform due to their high-volume traffic and deep trust.“I continued to work on my drop shipping business EpicBuyz throughout high school and got very good at it. In college, my drop shipping business on average took in $50,000 a year in revenue. My profit on my sales would range anywhere from 8â€"15%, not a bad side hustle for a college student!“I still continue to se ll our used items on eBay and Amazon. I have the mindset if it’s not being used it’s worth money to someone else.“My drop shipping side hustle really set us up for success in running our blog. We started our blog 10 months ago and will reach over 20,000 page views this month. Affiliate marketing is another very exciting online business with unlimited income potential.”(Check out Kelan’s interview with Doba’s CEO.)4. Become a lumper“A lumper is anyone who manually handles freight in a warehouse. They make from $60 to $350 per hour or job depending on the freight. Same day pay. Lots of articles online debate lumping, say you have to register, but most strong, healthy looking hard working men or women can generally find work lumping, and repeat work if they’re good and dependable.” Becky Blanton5. Selling on Craigslist“Old items around my house have brought me around $400 a month before. The key here is to take multiple pictures of the item and d escribe the item as thoroughly as possible. To find a fair but good price to make it worth your while, you can check out store websites like to gain a good idea of what the item costs at full price.” Gertrude Nonterah6. Lawn care with GreenPalIf you have knack for yard work, you could earn money on the side through GreenPal, often described as “Uber for Lawn Care.”Bryan Clayton CEO of GreenPal, explains:“Our system has over 500 vendor partners in seven states throughout the county.”“Many of our lawn care vendors are part-timers. Some are   firemen, some teachers that use our app in the summer to make extra money, others are college students that work afternoons and weekends, and it is the perfect way for them to make extra money.”“Our average vendor makes around $55 per hour mowing lawns on our system They set their own hours and pick the clients they want to work for,   it is the perfect side job.”7. Be a driver“If you have a CDL license you can mak e money fast moving cars, trucks, rentals etc. around the country. There’s always Uber, Left and other taxi services, but I know people who charge $10-$20 an hour to run errands, deliver groceries, etc. using their personal vehicle. Check your insurance first if you’re hauling people around, but many businesses need delivery for small items.”   Becky Blanton8. Avon salesBrittany Kline had a great experience working as a salesperson for Avon…“Similar to Kelan, I was told to get a job out of high school as well. After doing research, I decided to join Avon and start selling. I went through the training they provided, but I was never someone who pushed my business on to others. I started with ordering extra catalogs and going around on my bike hanging up bags on my neighbor’s mailboxes. It slowly took off.“When a woman at my mom’s work stopped selling Avon, it was the perfect in for me. My mom would bring catalogs to work with her and she would collect the orders from her co-workers. When the orders came in, we would bag them together and she would deliver and receive payment. We were a great team.“I sold to a close circle of friends and their family members for a long time. It was the perfect side hustle to cover my gas commuting to college or to cover my cell phone bill. Selling as a direct sales representative for 9 years was the perfect side hustle for me.”9. Online yard sales“Yard sales used to be on weekends and you had to drive there, look through crap and hope to find something you wanted or needed. Now you can go on Facebook, search on classifieds or yard sales and your area and find, OR SELL anything online. I make $200 + a month for less than an hour’s work uploading and selling clothes, books, furniture etc. online. ALWAYS meet the buyer at a public place a grocery store parking lot, etc.someplace where there are people around. If you’re selling electronics, watches, coins or cameras, phones etc. meet INSIDE a store. You’ re less likely to be mugged or robbed.”   Becky Blanton10) Amazon Flex“This is something my husband actually started recently and he makes between $200-$400 per week. Amazon Flex is a service that gives people the opportunity to quickly deliver items people have ordered from Amazons website (and indicated that wanted same/1-day delivery) from a regional Amazon location. The deliveries are local and so you will not spend a ton on gas. For something that brings in $1000-$2000 per month for my family, Id say this one is a winner!” Gertrude NonterahIf you have a great fast cash side gig that isn’t on this list, we’d love to hear about! You can get in touch with us on Twitter at @OppLoans.Visit OppLoans on YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedINContributorsBecky Blanton (@BeckyBlanton_) is a TED Global speaker, blogger, ghostwriter, and founder of The Homeless Entrepreneur a nonprofit that offers Suitcase to Briefcase, a training program that teaches those experiencing homel essness how to start their own business.Bryan Clayton (@YourGreenPal)  is the CEO of GreenPal, an online marketplace connecting homeowners with local lawn care professionals. Bryan is a serial entrepreneur in the lawn and landscaping industry having built and sold Peach Tree Inc., a Nashville based landscape group, growing the firm to over 120 employees to ultimate acquisition by Landscapes USA.Kelan and Brittany Kline aka The Savvy Couple (@TheSavvyCouple) are two thriving millennials that are daring to live differently. They started their personal finance blog September 2016 to help others get money $avvy so they can live a frugal and free lifestyle. Brittany is a full-time 4th-grade teacher and Kelan runs The Savvy Couple full-time and works as a digital marketer. You can follow them here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.Gertrude Nonterah (@GeeNonterah) is a research scientist trying to save premature infants by day and blogger/freelance writer by night. She is also t he founder of an educational website that focusses on teaching people how to plan and launch their own side hustles using online tools and skills they already have.

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Separation Between Church And State - 1081 Words

Over the years many things have changed, the clothes people wear, the music they listen to and the cars the drive. We live in a society where things can change in the blink of an eye, but is change always good? Could things change because things have been taken out of context? That is just what has happened to Thomas Jefferson. Has the true meaning of Thomas Jefferson’s â€Å"Separation between Church and State† taken out of context today? One side defends that the true context remains intact. Saying that religion should play no part in the government what so ever. Saying that a political leadership based on religious convictions can harm the freedom of citizens who do not belong to the majority religion. Arguing that religion-based attempts to limit reproductive rights have been particularly contentious in America. A Connecticut law banning the use of contraceptives was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1965. A similar Massachusetts law was defeated in 1972, followed the next year by the court s landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that a woman has the right to choose abortion. They also argue that the government should not allow prayer to be in schools. Praising the 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court banning of prayer and religious readings from public schools. Saying that school prayer assumes that all students believe in God, and that a given prayer might be applicable to all different faiths that could be practiced among students. It is much more likely that the typical prayer orShow MoreRelatedThe Separation Between Church And State1492 Words   |  6 Pages The separation between church and state ultimately preserves moderation within society and withholds an individual’s right of the first amendment. One to exercise his or her free right of religion stands as rights both alienable, natural right, and unalienable, God-given right. As President Thomas Jefferson states in letters to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, the federal government stands prohibited to regulate or control those who exercise religion. The predominant issue betweenRead MoreSeparation Between Church And State1427 Words   |  6 Pagesthe need for the separation between church and state has never been so vital. This separation can be defined as being a secular state, which is thereby stating that a government is neutral in religious matters, and supports neither the religious nor the non – religious. The United States of America has been label a secular state since the signing of their ‘godless constitution’ in 1787. However despite the founding fathers wishes for a â€Å"wall of separation between church and state† , religious pressureRead MoreThe Separation Between Church And State Essay1998 Words   |  8 PagesIn the United States, there is supposedly a separation between church and state. However, this seems to be untrue for many circumstances in U.S. politics. The political culture in the U.S. is infused with opinions and symbolism that show candidates/ elected officials’ adherence to religious beliefs. This is especially true when officials are campaigning for elected office. Politicians try to identify with voters’ religious beliefs, especially in local elections, where one religion may be fairlyRead MoreThe Necessity Of The Separation Between Church And State2039 Words   |  9 PagesThe Necessity of the Complete Separation between Church and State Our current president, George W. Bush, is known for being religious. He has been quoted saying that â€Å"God told [him] to strike at al Qaeda,† and â€Å"God want[ed] [him] to run for President.† He has called the war on terrorism a â€Å"crusade.† When he was the governor of Texas, he created a state-wide â€Å"Jesus Day.† In 2001, he talked of the â€Å"bridge between church and state† (â€Å"Big List of George W Bush Quotes†). The problem? He is tamperingRead More Strengthen the Separation between Church and State Essay1548 Words   |  7 PagesStrengthen the Separation between Church and State First Amendment issues of the separation of church and state and state establishment of religion have long been litigated in the federal courts. Until recently, the Supreme Court had a consistent track record of preventing the intermingling of religion and government, especially when it came to the nations public schools. Yet this past year, a newly activist conservative court has set about rewriting some of the Warren Courts judicial legacyRead MoreSeparation Of Church And State1446 Words   |  6 Pagesthe separation of church and state still necessary in the overall legal and social aspects of a modern society such as the United States? Research and history show that maintaining the church separate from the government is important for the ongoing success of a free and well functioning society. Separation of church and state is a political and legal doctrine which states that government and religious institutions are to be kept separate and independent from one another. Ideally, the church shouldRead More Separation of Church and State is Necessary for Freedom of Choice855 Words   |  4 PagesSeparation of Church and State is Necessary for Freedom of Choice We in America have the right to be free, so why not listen to the words of Thomas Jefferson and build a â€Å"wall of separation between church and state?†Ã‚   The wall of separation was Jefferson’s interpretation of the first amendment; however, the idea was actually founder of Rhode Island Roger Williams’.   Jefferson’s belief was that religion was a personal relationship strictly between a man and his God and the government should notRead MoreThe Separation Of Church And State Of Government970 Words   |  4 Pageswe do what our founding father’s intended in a fair federalism and some would say no, especially in the separation of church and state. Our foundering father Thomas Jefferson and many others wanted the church to be protected and those individuals in the church. Today it doesn’t seem like churches are being protected as much in a city level, let alone the government being protected from the church. At certain points the U.S federal government system still works the way our founding fathers’ intendedRead MoreSeparation Of Church And State Essay1513 Words   |  7 PagesSeparation of church and state is a defined as, the understanding of the intent, and function of the Establishment Clause, and Free Exercise Clause. The Combination of church and state has been a topic that, many generations have struggled with for centuries. The first amendment of the constitution states that â€Å"Congress shall make no law about our religious beliefs, or prohibiting our free exercise of religion† If we put our faith in the constitution to define the founding father’s standpoint ofRead MoreEssay on The Separation of Church and State1043 Words   |  5 PagesThe Separation of Church and State America wastes a lot of time trying to create a democracy completely absent of the moral expectations that our ancestors have put into place. Our founding fathers’ dream of establishing a country in which all people would be accepted has begun to fall. In our attempt to rid our country of a democracy contaminated with any belief in a supreme power, we have rid ourselves of many of our values and morals. Perhaps it is impossible for religion to dominate our

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4 Mat Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and...

4 MAT Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity 2nd Ed. COUN 506 Sherrita L. Hedgepeth Liberty University July 14, 2012 Summary David Entwistles (2010) Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity appears to be a text with a primary audience which appears to be conservative evangelical Christians. The basic ‘meat’ of the book is the premise that weaving together perspectives from psychology and Christian theology can help us understand and appreciate humanity more fully than we could with either perspective alone (p. 3). Entwistle’s view is that in faithful reading of both the book of Gods work (nature) and the book of Gods word (theology), this textbook seems to be the work of an individual†¦show more content†¦He concludes that psychosocial and spiritual thought, is both science and theology in its elements, as well as acknowledged the ways in which human sinfulness distorts what we claim to know, and employs a Christian worldview. Entwistle argues that optimal integrative efforts combine personal and spiritual as well as intellectual knowledge and application. Concrete Response There is a sentence in the endnotes of the text that really hit home for me and it was â€Å"nevertheless, we can never fully rise above our own assumptions, and none of us can completely rise above our cultural and historical conditioning† (pg. 118). When I read this my mind went back to a time when I thought I could take no more of what life was handing me. I went to my chaplain with what felt like the world on my shoulders and anger in my heart because I thought that I had been stupid to give my boyfriend a second and third chance, he had hurt me just like ‘everyone else’ but my chaplain reminded me that it is my faith in god and my heart that is why I kept giving him new chances. He did so by having me recall one of my favorite passages from the bible â€Å"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with theShow MoreRelated4 Mat Review Essay1023 Words   |  5 Pages4 MAT Review Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Liberty University Jacqueline Langford 4-MAT Review: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Abstract The integration of psychology and theology has become a hot topic since psychology began to integrate into a new part of society. Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity argue ways that one can embrace psychology into the Christian world. The church has always been a dominant part of society. AsRead MoreEssay about 4-Mat Review Entwistle1220 Words   |  5 Pages4-MAT Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Shelby Peters Liberty University 4-MAT Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Summary In his book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, David N. Entwistle explores the necessity of integrating psychology and Christianity, the worldview issues, philosophical foundations, models of integration and discusses the difficulty inRead MoreInternet Forum and Discussion Board Forums1224 Words   |  5 PagesCourse Syllabus COUN 506 Integration of Psychology and Theology Course Description Students critically examine the implications of a Christian worldview for counseling and marriage and family practice. Ethical issues relevant to the use of spiritual and religious interventions with individuals, couples, families are considered, along with current research related to spirituality and counseling. Rationale Integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality provides students an

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ENRICHING LEARNING EXPERIENCES Karen Michelle E. Caparos Teaching strategies, learner’s activities and instructional materials really helped in an effective learning process. There are a lot of teaching strategies that caters different kinds of learners and the strategies that will be used vary upon the teacher. We will write a custom essay sample on Enriching Learning Experience or any similar topic only for you Order Now Also, there are a lot of activities that a teacher can motivate his/her class to engage into. The instructional materials must be also suited to the activity that will be given. According to Vygotsky (1981), mental functions are acquired through social relationship; learning takes place when the child interacts with peers and adults in a social setting as they act upon the environment. The facilitator of learning must provide meaningful and interactive activities that allow a child to internalize, exposing them to new situation to actively interact with others, engaging in functional and interesting learning experiences. He should give thinking activities, social functions of reading and writing activities, and communicative functions of language. Through Vygotsky’s theory, the learning takes place in participating in oral discussion and involving oneself in activities that students will not only learn from the teacher but also learn from the students around them. Knowledge on the stages of development facilitated learning through giving the appropriate activities to the child/ class. Once the teacher knows how to make the learning process enjoyable and interesting it will never make the learner feel afraid, uneasy, and uncomfortable in the class. Thus, it will be a way in order to produce a healthy and conducive atmosphere for learning. How to cite Enriching Learning Experience, Essay examples

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Sickle Essays - Hemoglobins, Fetal Hemoglobin, Sickle Cell Trait

Sickle Cell Anemia We feel that this report looks a lot better single-spaced. A Brief History of Sickle Cell Disease Sickle Cell Disease in African Tradition Sickle cell disease has been known to the peoples of Africa for hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of years. In West Africa various ethnic groups gave the condition different names: Ga tribe: Chwechweechwe Faute tribe: Nwiiwii Ewe tribe: Nuidudui Twi tribe: Ahotutuo Sickle Cell Disease in the Western Literature Description of Sickle Cell Disease In the western literature, the first description of sickle cell disease was by a Chicago physician, James B. Herrick, who noted in 1910 that a patient of his from the West Indies had an anemia characterized by unusual red cells that were "sickle shaped". Relationship of Red Cell Sickling to Oxygen In 1927, Hahn and Gillespie showed that sickling of the red cells was related to low oxygen. Deoxygenation and Hemoglobin In 1940, Sherman (a medical student at Johns Hopkins) noted a birefringence of deoxygenated red cells, suggesting that low oxygen altered the structure of the hemoglobin in the molecule. Protective Role of Fetal Hemoglobin in Sickle Cell Disease Janet Watson, a pediatric hematolist in New York, suggested in 1948 that the paucity of sickle cells in the peripheral blood of newborns was due to the presence of fetal hemoglobin in the red cells, which consequently did not have the abnormal sickle hemoglobin seen in adults. Abnormal Hemoglobin in Sickle Cell Disease Using the new technique of protein electrophoresis, Linus Pauling and colleagues showed in 1949 that the hemoglobin from patients with sickle cell disease is different than that of normals. This made sickle cell disease the first disorder in which an abnormality in a protein was known to be at fault. Amino Acid Substitution in Sickle Hemoglobin In 1956, Vernon Ingram, then at the MRC in England, and J.A. Hunt sequenced sickle hemoglobin and showed that a glutamic acid at position 6 was replaced by a valine in sickle cell disease. Using the known information about amino acids and the codons that coded for them, he was able to predict the mutation in sickle cell disease. This made sickle cell disease the first known genetic disorder. Preventive Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease Hydroxyurea became the first (and only) drug proven to prevent complications of sickle cell disease in the Multicenter Study of Hydroxyurea in Sickle Cell Anemia, which was completed in 1995. How Does Sickle Cell Cause Disease? The Mutation in Hemoglobin Sickle cell disease is a blood condition primarily affecting people of African ancestry. The disorder is caused by a single change in the amino acid building blocks of the oxygen-transport protein, hemoglobin. This protein, which is the component that makes red cells "red", has two subunits. The alpha subunit is normal in people with sickle cell disease. The ?-subunit has the amino acid valine at position 6 instead of the glutamic acid that is there normally. The alteration is the basis of all the problems that occur in people with sickle cell disease. The schematic diagram shows the first eight-of the 146 amino acids in the ?-globin subunit of the hemoglobin molecule. The amino acids of the hemoglobin protein are represented as a series of linked, colored boxes. The lavender box represents the normal glutamic acid at position 6. The dark green box represents the valine in sickle cell hemoglobin. The other amino acids in sickle and normal hemoglobin are identical. The molecule, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), is the fundamental genetic material that determines the arrangement of the amino acid building blocks in all proteins. Segments of DNA that code for particular proteins are called genes. The gene that controls the production of the ?-subunit of hemoglobin is located on one of the 46 human chromosomes (chromosome #11). People have twenty-two identical chromosome pairs (the twenty-third pair is the unlike X and Y-chromosomes that determine a person's sex). One of each pair is inherited from the father, and one from the mother. Occasionally, a gene is altered in the exchange between parent and offspring. This event, called mutation, occurs extremely infrequently. Therefore, the inheritance of sickle cell disease depends totally on the genes of the parents. If only one of the ?-globin genes is the "sickle" gene and the other is normal, the person is a carrier. The condition is called sickle cell trait. With a few rare exceptions, people with sickle cell trait are completely normal. If both ?-globin genes code for the sickle protein, the person has sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease is determined at conception, when a person